KD (Kawasaki Daishi) area is the nearest sightseeing spot to Haneda International Airport in the valuable towns in Japan. It is just 20 minutes from Tokyo International Airport (HND), and has about 900 year history.There is at least 1 cultural event held every month that attracts travelers.

At KD tour, we provide some cultural activities for tourists from overseas in the KD area. Some activities such as sushi making lessons and free walking tours are special for foreign tourists, but others, such as Yoga on Tatami are with local people, and you will be joined by a local guide (English or an Indonesian speaker). read more

Competition of Drinking Sake (suicho fes)

10:00- 21st October 2018

Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine

This festival replicates an old sake-drinking contest as described in a historical document Suichoki (The Tale of Waterfowl) of Edo era. This year "oktoberfest” in Wakamiya shrine and you can enjoy several Sakes.

The participants parade in gaudy traditional costumes, proclaiming loudly self-introductions impersonating personalities in history, and then proceed to the Wakamiya Shrine, where the final drinking contest is held and also a Japanese dance of amity is performed.

Detail info [What to see]Sake drinking competition: Festival of Suicho

The traditional dance will be performed in Heikenji temple,local people cosplayed and perform the drama of those days. An adventitious player also​ can join. If you can not understand Japanese, you may be able to enjoy! ​

Short time ACTIVITY

Each activity within 30min Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00

☆Japanese Cracker Baking

Send request at least 2 day before.


☆*Free Walking tour(1.5h)detail

☆Kimono Wearing (2h)

☆Yoga on Tatami room (1.5h)
☆Local home visit & touring guide (1.5-3h)

Monthly scheduled activity.

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send request at least 2 day before.

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For group more than 6 people

we make the special plan which fit your schedule & budget.

From Haneda International Airport

Haneda Airport InternationalTerminal Station -- Take the rapid train bound for Yokohama, Zushi, and Get off at Keikyu Kawasaki Station. Go down stair of the platform, and take a train bound for Kojimashinden(Keikyu Daishi Line). The 3rd station from Keikyu Kawasaki Station is Kawasaki Daishi station. Totally about 20min.


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This program is organized by Jp-inboun.com.LLC, Minatocho, Kawasaki City.